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    Our products are for modern, confident women who aren't defined by their age.

  • Herbal Cosmetics

    Our lipsticks are made in the USA and are cruelty-free. 


Be Bold

Our lipsticks are never afraid to be bold, and colorful in their own signature way. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to step into the Spotlight like never before. 

“Aging has a wonderful beauty, and we should have respect for that.”
– Eartha Kitt

Be Timeless

True beauty is timeless, effortless, and breathtaking. That's where we come in, shining the spotlight on everything that makes you uniquely you. 

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Be You

You deserve the Spotlight, so why not reach out and take it in your own signature way? Go in search of your style and remind everyone you meet that you’re never defined by a number just  by your style. 

“Aging is out of your control. How you handle it, though, is in your hands.” 
– Diane Von Furstenberg